Ungezählte Wählerstimmen in Miami Post Office.


uha! Was ist denn dort los? Mensch, Meier. Die Miami News Time schreibt, dies. 👧🏼

After this story was initially published, the USPS confirmed to the Miami Herald that the agency is still investigating the way the ballots were handled. U.S. Rep /-> Mehr hier.


While there is still no direct evidence that the post office failed to deliver valid votes, such an issue has occurred in the past in other cities. Earlier this year, the USPS delivered nearly 2,000 pieces of late, first-class mail to the New York City Board of Elections — including 533 valid ballots that should have counted in the November 2017 election, according to the public-radio station WNYC.

We keep ´n eye on the election.

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