Blizzard´s Blitzcom: Kurze Shortlist.

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Du zockst gern Diablo? Kennst Du denn, schon Diablo3 für die NintendoDS.

  • Diablo 4 ?
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    Nintendo Switch Diablo III Limited Edition
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Denn angeblich hatte Blizzard ´nen Clip in dem diskutiert wurde mit u.a. Mitbegründer Allen Adham: über ein neues Diablo-Spiel – Diablo 4. .

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  • Communication- Our collective hope’s were raised with the „Future of Diablo“ video teasing multiple projects. The later blog post to reel in the hype took Diablo 4 off the table. Even still, with the „multiple projects“ mantra, the fanbase expected something and we essentially got nothing.

  • The Reveal- Unveiling what appears to be mostly a Diablo 3 mobile port (same visual style, same classes, mostly the same skills) to a 99% pc crowd was ill fated, but to top it off with „oh, and it has new canon lore that can’t be obtained on PC“ was insulting.

  •– Golem hat es nun auch gepostet.



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